China (Shanghai) International Protected Geographical Indication Products Expo 2023


Show Time
June 05-07, 2023


Show Venue
National Exhibition and Convention Center


Show Website


GI products inherit the fine tradition of a country and carry the natural creation of specific regions. At the same time, it also has significant cultural characteristics with distinctive national and regional characteristics, which will usher in huge development opportunities. China has vast land and resources, a wide variety of geographical indication products are derived from this land.Geographical indication products are not only the precious wealth given by nature, but also the wisdom of the working people.At present, thousands of landmark products in China involve alcohol, tea, fruits, flowers, handicrafts, condiments, Chinese herbal medicines, aquatic products, meat, etc. The production area covers more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government.With the accelerating process of globalization, people’s awareness of the rule of law and brand awareness continue to increase, and more and more people recognize the important role of geographical indications in developing the economy and participating in international competition.Over the years, the Chinese government has continuously increased the protection of geographical indications, actively guided the regulation of the use of geographical indication trademarks and geographical indication products, effectively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of geographical indication holders at home and abroad, and promoting the cross-border circulation of geographical indication products. At present, countries around the world are also expanding open sharing, carrying out deeper international cooperation on geographical indications, and creating a platform for geographical indication exchanges to promote the growth of world economy and trade investment.There are also more geographical indication products in China that are still “not well-known”. There is a need for a broader stage to demonstrate and realize brand value.


New Opportunity
In order to build an international platform for communication, trade and promotion in China for protected geographical indication products from all over the world, Golden Commercial and related units are scheduled to hold the “China (Shanghai) International Protected Geographical Indication Products Expo 2023” at National Exhibition and Convention Center-Hongqiao·Shanghai on June 05-07, 2023. The purpose of the exhibition is to effectively implement the strategy of precision poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, to promote the development of the county protected geographical indication industry, as well as to provide a better platform to connect to the national market. Furthermore, the exhibition takes“Strengthening the protection of geographical indication and deepening international cooperation, Consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation and implementing the rural revitalization strategy.”, which will focus on displaying and publicizing protected geographical indication products and featured products in county areas. The organizer hopes to organize more activities to push forward and foster the development of the protected geographical indication industry, as well as strengthen international cooperation and exchanges, and the protection of the geographical indication products.


Major exhibits
• Cities and counties in key producing areas of well-known geographical indication products at home and abroad
• Well-known geographical indication products at home and abroad (including those already registered in China), and unregistered products that use geographic names in product brands and trademarks
• Products that have received the title of geographical indications in China or products that are applying for geographical indications
• Domestic regional specialty products and famous tourist attractions
•Associations, certification agencies and related research institutions of domestic and foreign geographical indication products
• Domestic and foreign traders, importers, wholesalers, distributors
• High-tech service products related to software and information systems
• Related media, magazines, websites, etc.


Concurrent Activities
GI products inherit the fine tradition of a country and carry the natural creation of specific regions. At the same time, it also has significant cultural characteristics with distinctive national and regional characteristics, which will usher in huge development opportunities. In order to better implement the new measures for the administration of geographical indications issued by the Chinese government and the new regulations on import food, there will be a series of activities such as China-EU Forum on Development and Protection of Geographical Indications(PGIC), International Forum on Safety Supervision (AFIC)and Customs Clearance of Edible Agricultural Food Products, Training Seminar on New Regulations for Domestic and Foreign Agricultural Food Products, and One-to-One Meetings with Import Foods from Countries around the World. Relevant Chinese government agencies and industry experts will be invited to exchange their ideas related to the new regulations. The organizing committee aims to provide a platform for Chinese and foreign geographical indications to deepen communication and cooperation based on the holding of the event. At that time, experts at home and abroad will gather together to make suggestions for the protection and cooperation of geographical indications, and discuss the bright future of geographical indications.


Target Audience
·Government functions / industry associations / importers and exporters / chamber of commerce
·Landmark product research institute / academician / professor / scholar / expert
·Large retail / commercial / chain store / department store / shopping center
·Manufacturer / agent / distributor / e-commerce / micro-business platform
·Agricultural and sideline products deep processing well-known brands
·Agricultural resources dealers/agricultural extension workers / technical demonstration households / agricultural experts
·Purchasers of major companies / star-rated hotels / restaurants, etc.
·Major news media / local newspaper / TV / radio / network / magazine,etc.


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