PGIE 2024

Zhengzhou International Protected Geographical Indication Products Exhibition 2024


Show Time
June 03-05, 2024


Show Venue
Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center – Henan•China


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With the formal implementation of the “China-EU Agreement on Cooperation and Protection of Geographical Indications”, Chinese GI brands have ushered in significant business opportunities to enter the EU and even the global market, bringing important changes for the development of the geographical indication industry. Data shows that there are approximately 58,400 protected geographical indications worldwide in 2022. China has approved a total of 2,495 geographical indication products, with 7,076 registered as collective trademarks and certification trademarks. The number of market entities using exclusive signs for geographical indications exceeds 23,000, contributing to a direct annual output value of over 700 billion yuan. China, with its vast territory and ancient history, possesses abundant geographical indication resources, due to its superior natural resources and rich cultural heritage. Located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, Henan Province boasts abundant natural resources and a favorable geographical position, which is to a crucial hub for agriculture, industry, and transportation. It is currently a major province for grain production and processing in China. At present, countries around the world are committed to opening up and sharing, engaging in deeper international cooperation on geographical indications. Relying on the Henan’s resource advantages as a major province for grain production and processing, as well as the extensive and well-developed transportation network, the exhibition aims to establish an international platform for the geographical indications to deepen exchange and cooperation, so as to promote global economic growth and increase investment in trade.


New Opportunity

To establish an international platform in China for the promotion, display, communication, trade transactions, cultural exchange, and investment of geographical indication products from around the world, Zhengzhou International Protected Geographical Indication and Origin Products Exhibition 2024 will be held on June 03-05, 2024 at Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Under the guidance of the superior supervisory department, organized by Shanghai Supervip Exhibition Co., Ltd. together with relevant industry organizations, the exhibition takes ” GI Products promotes the development of global agricultural ” as its theme. The exhibition is planned to cover an area of 30,000 square meters, focusing on showcasing geographical indication products around the world and promoting distinctive products from various counties. The purpose of the exhibition is to comprehensively implement the national strategic initiatives such as the construction and development of Zhengzhou as a national central city and the rise of the Central Plains. It aims to fully leverage China’s advantages in a super-large-scale market and domestic demand potential, facilitate the development of an open economy, and accelerate the establishment of a new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the mainstay and the mutual promotion of domestic and international cycles.


Major exhibits
• Cities and counties in key producing areas of well-known geographical indication products at home and abroad
• Well-known geographical indication products at home and abroad (including those already registered in China), and unregistered products that use geographic names in product brands and trademarks
• Products that have received the title of geographical indications in China or products that are applying for geographical indications
• Domestic regional specialty products and famous tourist attractions
•Associations, certification agencies and related research institutions of domestic and foreign geographical indication products
• Domestic and foreign traders, importers, wholesalers, distributors
• High-tech service products related to software and information systems
• Related media, magazines, websites, etc.


Concurrent Activities

Geographical indication products carry the rich heritage of a country’s outstanding traditions and embody the natural characteristics of specific regions. Meanwhile, geographical indication products feature significant cultural characteristics and distinctive national and regional attributes, presenting broad market prospects and tremendous development potential. To promote the trade and industry exchange of geographical indication products among countries worldwide, there are a series of events such as the Global Geographical Indication PG500 Summit, China Geographical Indication Brand Conference and Mayor & County Executive’ Dialogue on China’s Economic Development, International Forum on Agricultural Food Security and Customs Practices, Sino-Foreign Geographical Indication Product Marketing and Sales Matchmaking Meeting, and Livestream E-commerce. Relevant Chinese government agencies and industry experts will be invited to exchange their ideas related to the new regulations. At that time, experts from home and abroad will gather together to provide insights and strategies for the protection and cooperation of geographical indications, discussing a bright future for geographical indications.


Target Audience
·Government functions / industry associations / importers and exporters / chamber of commerce
·Landmark product research institute / academician / professor / scholar / expert
·Large retail / commercial / chain store / department store / shopping center
·Manufacturer / agent / distributor / e-commerce / micro-business platform
·Agricultural and sideline products deep processing well-known brands
·Agricultural resources dealers/agricultural extension workers / technical demonstration households / agricultural experts
·Purchasers of major companies / star-rated hotels / restaurants, etc.
·Major news media / local newspaper / TV / radio / network / magazine,etc.


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