GI products inherit the fine tradition of a country and carry the natural creation of specific regions. At the same time, it also has significant cultural characteristics with distinctive national and regional characteristics, which will usher in huge development opportunities. In order to better implement the new measures for the administration of geographical indications issued by the Chinese government and the new regulations on import food, there will be a series of activities such as China-EU Forum on Development and Protection of Geographical Indications(PGIC), International Forum on Safety Supervision (AFIC)and Customs Clearance of Edible Agricultural Food Products, Training Seminar on New Regulations for Domestic and Foreign Agricultural Food Products, and One-to-One Meetings with Import Foods from Countries around the World. Relevant Chinese government agencies and industry experts will be invited to exchange their ideas related to the new regulations. The organizing committee aims to provide a platform for Chinese and foreign geographical indications to deepen communication and cooperation based on the holding of the event. At that time, experts at home and abroad will gather together to make suggestions for the protection and cooperation of geographical indications, and discuss the bright future of geographical indications.


PGIC-Hot issues
Specifications for the Use and Management of Special Signs for Chinese Geographical Indications
Protection System and Policies of the EU’s Geographical Indications
China-EU Agreement on Geographical Indications and the Progress of Relevant Policies
The Role Played by European Geographical Indication Products
Experience of the Promotion of Regional Economic Development by Chinese Geographical Indication Products
China-Europe Geographical Indication Products Cooperation and Trade Dialogue


AFIC-Hot issues
Introduction of Import and Export Food Safety Supervision System and New Trends by General Administration of Customs
Explanation of “Import and Export Food Safety Management Measures” and its interpretation
Interpretation of European Dairy Safety Control Regulations
Labeling Requirements on Imported Pre-Packaged Foods in China under the Present Situation
Interpretation of the “Regulations on the Registration of Imported Overseas Producers”
Traceability System of German, Spain, and other countries’ Agricultural Food Products
Applications of the People’s Republic of China on the Registration and Management System of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Food
Chinese port supervision of imported meat products
Safeguarding national biosecurity – African swine fever


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