PGIE CHINA provides a unique opportunity for protected geographical indication products industry suppliers to get in connect with global target buyers and broaden communication and cooperation.

Major Exhibits

· Cities and counties in key production areas of well-known geographical indication products at home and abroad

· Well-known geographical indication products at home and abroad (including those already registered in China)

· Products that are not registered, use geographical names in product brands and trademarks

· Products that have received the title of geographical indications in China or products that are applying for geographical indications

· Domestic regional specialty products

· Associations, certification bodies and related research institutions of domestic and foreign Geographical Indication products

· Domestic and foreign traders and wholesalers, distributors

· Famous tourist attractions at home and abroad

· High-tech service products such as related software and information systems

· Related media, magazines, websites, etc.

Target Audience

· Government functions / industry associations / importers and exporters / chamber of commerce
· Landmark product research institute / academician / professor / scholar / expert
· Large retail / commercial / chain store / department store / shopping center
· Manufacturer / Agent / Distributor / E-commerce / Micro-Business Platform
· Agricultural and sideline products deep processing well-known brands
· Agricultural resources dealers / agricultural extension workers / technical demonstration households/agricultural experts
· Purchasers of major companies / star-rated hotels / restaurants, etc.
·Major news media / local newspaper / TV / radio / network / magazine,etc.

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