Exhibitor List BOOTH NO.  PRODUCTS
Shanghai Xinyan Trading Co., Ltd. F-E315-317 Ingredients
Zhongshan Jingjing Hardware Products Co., Ltd. F-E218 CIE
Qingdao Mingyue Seaweed Bio-Health Technology Group Co., Ltd. F-E311 CIE
Sichuan Huiju Rong Kitchen Food Co., Ltd. F-E313 CIE
Shanghai Riyuan Drinks Co., Ltd. F-E214 CIE
Zhejiang Ruiran Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. F-E212 CIE
Shanghai Wu Laojiao Restaurant Investment Management Co., Ltd. F705 Franchise
Shanghai Special Crown Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. F421 Food packaging
Shenzhen Shuoda Laser Technology Co., Ltd. F-E331 CIE
Shanghai Wanyang Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. F-E222 CIE
Hebei Chenghou Food Co., Ltd. F-E232 CIE
Shanghai Fuwei Township Oil & Fat Food Co., Ltd. F-E440 CIE
Ao Niu (Shanghai) Food Technology Co., Ltd. F-E135 Ingredients
Beihai Yujiajiu Food Co., Ltd. F-E339 CIE
Sichuan Jiahui Food Co., Ltd. F-E136 CIE
Shanghai Yirong Industrial Co., Ltd. F429    Catering industry
Jiangxi Kitchen Shibo Industrial Development Co., Ltd. F440 Hot Pot
Aiyi (Xiamen) Food Technology Co., Ltd. F341 Air food
Central and South American Meat Frozen Products Joint Purchasing Office F-A523 FMA
Hulunbeier Yuanye Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. F-A724 FMA
Shanghai Maohuang Industrial Co., Ltd. F-C805 Franchise
Chengdu Minsheng Food Co., Ltd. F442 Hot Pot
Jiangsu Dingweitai Food Co., Ltd. F-B717 Meal
Hong Kong Jenny Cookie Bear Cookies Co., Ltd. E745 FBIE
Anhui Fanchang Qingqingteng Food Co., Ltd. F-E240 Hot Pot
Shanghai Hengyi Food Co., Ltd. F-B715 Meal
Anda City Black Farmer Corn Professional Planting Cooperative F608 CIE
Chengdu Minsheng Food Group Co., Ltd. F-E145 CIE
Sichuan Cuihong Food Co., Ltd. F804 Meal
Shenyang Pujia Food Processing Factory F117 Meal
Tongwan Zhenji Food Co., Ltd. F-E118 CIE
Fujian Hejin Food Can Industry Co., Ltd. F-E327 CIE
Shanghai Love Foil Aluminum Foil Products Co., Ltd. F-E112-114 CIE
Cangnan County Dingshun Packing Co., Ltd. F-E325 CIE